No one is an island unto himself or herself.  We can't do this work alone - it does take a village to work together, each doing his or her own thing, to make the package complete.


There are so many resources available.  How to decide or choose  or recognize your team.  Here are a few resources that I have come to depend on:

The Medical College of Wisconsin: Warrior Partnership

The Starfish Foundation: Healing Warrior Hearts (PTS and MST intensive weekend retreats)

Jazzi Alexi: Alexi Chiropractic,  A skilled practitioner of chiropractic, acupuncture, and dietary supplements

Dr. Rose Kumar: Holistic Medicine.  

Rose Koremenos and Diane Bloom: The Free Spirit School of Energy Healing and the Crystal Store

Rose Koremenos: Healing Pathways Farm, Equine Therapy and other workshops. Horses are intuitive. They sense and respond to danger and safety. Experiencing the healing power of animals has been acknowledged with the presence of service and support programs.

Michael Orban: Author  of Souled Out and public speaker on many Warrior topics, conversation, volunteer activities and program development. Honorary Doctorate by the Medical College of Wisconsin, Founder of the Orban Foundation to aid veterans and their families.

Jason Moon, Song Writer and troubadour

The Foundation for Shamanic Studies and Training. A recognized source of powerful healing experiences for the individual and the healing practitioner,

The Feast of Crispian: A program of exploration and growth using the power of theater.

Aurora Hospitals Veteran Program: A series of workshops, free support groups and levels of outpatient and inpatient treatment available for all Veterans (those who have raised their right hands and sworn to serve). (In development, and the weekly free and open to all Veteran support group is available now)

Medical College of Wisconsin Veteran Outreach: There are so many Veterans of all branches, ages, experiences and discharge types that have nor or are not receiving the benefits they served for and deserve. There are so many community resources available that remain underutilized. Projects such as this want to create connections and bridges.

Employee Assistance Professionals Association (EAPA) for information on the EAP field, notice of local chapter activities and Certification opportunities.


       I don't mean to slight anyone who I didn't list.  Let's link up and share.


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