DOT Substance Abuse Services

For CDL Holders


The safety of our highways, airways, pipelines, rail and water is our mission.

The safety of our highways, airways, pipelines, rail and water is our mission.


Substance Abuse Professionals (SAP) are licensed or certified AODA counselors who have gone on to meet the educational requirements of the DOT.  SAP's are tasked with meeting operators who have tested positive for alcohol and or drugs in violation of DOT safety standards. 

OnBelay has been providing this service from the very beginning of the program, over 15 years and meets DOT standards. 

SAP Process:

  • The driver. or person in a safety sensitive position, must meet with the counselor for an initial face-to-face assessment. As a result of the assessment either a referral for education or treatment will be made.

  • The driver follows-through and completes the assigned education or begins treatment (counseling).

  • The driver schedules a follow-up evaluation of compliance session with the SAP.

  • When the follow-up evaluation is completed, and after providing a clean DOT drug screen, the driver may be placed back in safety sensitive duty at the discretion of the employer, or seek the operator may seek new employment opportunities.

  • Letters of compliance are provided to the employer. If the driver has been terminated, a compliance letter will be provided to the driver.

The fee for the two SAP assessment sessions is not covered by insurance.  Fees for the SAP assessment and costs for education or counseling are the responsibility of the driver unless otherwise arranged.  Cash, employer's check or credit is accepted.