About  Employee Assistance

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EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PROGRAMS (EAP) were started in the 1970's when a group of peope who were either in management or unions of  large corporations came together for some training and discovered that they all had something in common. They were alcoholics and got together for a support meeting after the days training sessions.

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EAPS today follow the broad mission established long ago: Help troubled employees and their family return to a productive and healthy life.

EAPS are confidential, they are paid for by the employer but no identifying information is released without written permission.

EAP counselors are selected because of their ability to quickly and accurately assess the situation and identify resources that employees can access to help resolve the problem.

OnBelay EAP:  How we are the same, how we're different:  The focus of EAP is assess and refer.  We do not engage in prolonged psychotherapy, in fact we are not encouraged to "diagnose" the problem.  Instead we view our client as a person who is stuck in a situation that has not been resolved using the tools we have successfully used before. We recognize that it takes a lot of courage to talk to a stranger about very personal subjects. We consult with the person to help them identify where they are stuck and how they might resolve their stuckness.  Usually the EAP is given from 1-6 sessions to either come to a resolution that the employee or family member is satisfied with, or we make a referral to a more useful resource. That resource may or may not be under their insurance.

Our goal is to help the person return to a state of competence and hopefully even more than that.

Life presents challanges, learning experiences. 90%  of being successful is showing up.

Life presents challanges, learning experiences. 90%

of being successful is showing up.