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OnBelay Counseling reflects my philosophy of the Healing Arts.  I am a healing assistant you are the healer of yourself with the help of the Universe.  We offer counseling and coaching services to individuals, families, business and the community with a special emphasis on helping manage life change during times of crisis, challenges and opportunities.

The following pages provides specifics of  the: Who, What, Where and How of what we do.  If you think OnBelay might be able to help, contact us directly by phone or email. You can find out more about me on the Jon Christensen facebook page.


It is not your darkness that frightens you but your light.
— Marianne Williamson (It has been suggested that Nelson Mandela used this during his Inagural Address. Not true, but he would have used it if he had known about it)

Areas of Focus

COMBAT AND COMBAT THEATRE VETERANS - My own Homecoming and the discovery that I'd been  changed by war. Creds: Vietnam Service and 45+ years experience helping Vets heal and return home.

SUBSTANCE ABUSE PROFESSIONAL( SAP), SUBSTANCE ABUSE EXPERT (SAE), DOT qualified, Creds: State and National AODA Certification. 15+ years experience

MENTAL HEALTH:  Check out the Swamp to the Meadow page. Creds: Licensed Professional Counselor. MS in Social and Philosophical Foundations of Education and MS in Educational Psychology, Rehabilitation Counseling. Nationally Certified Counselor and Nationally Certified Mental Health Counselor.

ALCOHOL/DRUG ABUSE Wisconsin certified clinical Substance Abuse Counselor (CSAC) and Clinical Supervisor. State and Nationally Certified Addictions Specialist.  35 years experience.

EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE: National Certification (CEAP) working with companies and employees to help improve employee lives and company success, 35 years experience.


Reki Master, , Universal Life Minister.  Shamanic Practitioner. Energy Healing, meditation, Prayer, crystals, Healing Touch and essential oils are some of the resources that help us as Energy Workers and healing assistants.  Lifetimes of experience.