Thinking about it, wishing it were true, dreaming of the day, getting around to it.  Those and $2 will get you a cup of coffee.  In my office is a wheel barrow.  When I hear one of those comments, I just point and say “put something in the wheel barrow”.  My son suggests that we do three things a day to move toward our goals.  At the end of a year you'll have over a thousand accomplishments that have helped you along that path.  Tony Robins does a shout out for an "Hour of Power"  Give yourself that hour just for you.  He says, "Build your day or someone will build it for you!".  I tell all my couples to take a walk and talk , around the block, three times a week to build a stronger relationship.  Take Action. Do something. Do it now.  Now is the only time we have. Now is where life is.  

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